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Last birthday I received a writing journal so beautiful that I still to this day have not laid a hand on it's pristine pages.

That however, is not how you truly adore an item.

Adoring is handling each day, stuffing in backpacks for rides to the beach, fumbling through pages for an idea you scribbled yesterday and accidentally spilling coffee as you sketch an intriguing BLT you just ordered.

This is for all of you out there with doodles, dreams, details and moments to document.

I boast to you a 100% percent recycled product that looks incredible, reduces waste in the environment and allows you to fill without expectation or restraint.


Never wait again for that "Perfect" idea to come.

Scan 3.jpeg

Paper Colours

website swatch journals.png

Handmade Paper

Scan 8.jpeg

Inside Cover

Inside cover colours journal.png
Scan 9.jpeg

Thread Swatches

website thread swatches.png
Scan 5.jpeg
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