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At Zwartko we make paper, not problems!

We will provide you with all the info on seed restrictions, so you can decide if seeded paper is right for you & your customers.

Quarantine Considerations


Australian Importation

Some of our seeds are not permitted entry into certain states.

This is due to quarantine regulations. 

We abide by the guidelines advised by our seed seller:

"The Seed Collection"

We will check each order destination for suitability before making your paper.

However, you must do the same and consider where your stationery will be delivered with each order you make.

Quarantine laws are in place to stop the spread of weeds, pests and diseases.


The only seed from our collection that has any quarantine restrictions is Salad Blend 2: Mesclun Salad Greens Mix


Overseas Importation

The sale of seed paper overseas is something that we don't offer. All seeds are tailored for the Australian landscape & could cause unwanted bio-security concerns if they are shipped elsewhere. Rather than looking at exotic imports, we encourage you to source locally made seeded paper in your home country.






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