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Ring Card

Ring Card

Handmade Paper Ring Cards that can be double or single side customized to your personal design.

Are you looking for Jewellery cards that are unique & don’t substitute beauty for sustainability?
We will work together to make you a card that perfectly represents your brand & stands out from the crowd.

Jewellery backing cards are nice and thick so when you hold your earrings aloft, they are properly supported without bending under the weight of even the heaviest of designs.

100% Recycled and Biodegradable.

I am currently offering two Ring Card options:  
Square (50mm High x 50mm Wide)
Rectangle (45mm High x 65mm Wide) Rolled to fit into ring.
with either:
◈Clean cut OR Deckle Edge.
◈Printed OR Embossed
*Embossing will have a first time fee of $25 that allows for the creation of your personal embossing plates. These can then be used for further orders at no extra cost.

✦ Clean cut OR deckle edges
✦ Printed OR Embossed
(Chosen in drop down)

Your cards can either have a clean cut finish that I will do on an industrial guillotine OR have raw deckle edges that are hand torn.
*Any slot & hole additions are cut on the laser & will be clean cut.
You can choose either of these edge finished with printed or embossed logo.
❖ Printing is completed on a large format professional quality inkjet printer, this allows for incredible detail & almost every design possibility imaginable.
❖ Embossing is a much more subtle logo choice, you can see it in certain lights & it has a de-boss on the reverse side.
This is a option for that very classic card that doesn’t require an excess amount of text.
Printing on the back side of the card in conjunction with an emboss is possible.

✤The colour of your Handmade paper cards can be chosen from the supplied swatch in the "Business Staionery" tab & added to the personalization box upon ordering.

❉ Paper will vary slightly in thickness and consistency but will be comparable to a 250GSM stiffness (150GSM for the rolled).
❉ Cards can have slightly raised paper bits or small imperfections, this is the beauty of Handmade Paper!
The paper is textured on the front and flat pressed on the back.

Handmade Paper is pulled with a Mold & Deckle and created using paper waste gathered from surrounding businesses. All coloured options have been created using carefully sorted paper scraps allowing for shades that are completely free of additives.

➤ Seeded paper is available in the following varieties but is limited to tiny seeds only, as this will need to be printed on without disturbing the ink struts.

Herb: Oregano, Parsley, Thyme
Salad: Rocket, Basil, Lettuce
Spring & Autumn Flower blend: Chamomile, Alyssum, Canterbury Bells, Nemesia
Spring & Summer Flower blend: Snapdragon, Ageratum, Brachyscome
Spring Flower blend: Chrysanthemum, Iceland poppy, Bergamot
Autumn & Winter: Livingston Daisy mix, Shirley Poppy, Tansy
Australian Native Wildflower Mix: Billy Button, Everlasting Dwarf Mix, Golden Everlasting, Kangaroo Paw, Pink Everlasting, Purple Flag, Swan River Daisy & White Strawflower.

*Any single seed or combo within this is of course possible too, just grouped for seasonal success.

If you have something specific in mind and would like to know whether your intended seeds are small enough, please contact me before ordering.

Click the link for the Canva template for this item.
Canva Square Ring Card (50mm)
Canva Rectangle Ring Card (65mm x 45mm)

❂After finishing your design, share it with me at
I will confirm your design or advise you on any nessisary changes before creating templates & crafting your order.
❂If you need design assistance, see the pay by the hour or logo design listing in the "Graphic Design Service" tab of the website.

Cards will be boxed & shipped with recycled packaging.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, custom requests and if you require greater quantities than available within the listings.

If you would like something special, I would love to hear from you!

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