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Product Design

Product Design

Do you need help creating a stunning layout for your stationery order?

Have all the info & graphics but need some help putting it all together?

I have been designing & editing customer logo's for 3 years now & am extremely passionate about creating graphics that represent your business's personality through and through!

This listing is for my time; creating, or assisting you in creating a layout or graphics that work just right for the stationery item of your choice.


Your layout, images and colours will not be replicated for another business's design.
All logos are personalised as per your requirements.

✰I am offering my time, paid by the hour to design any element of your stationery OR assemble text/images into a desired layout.

If you are unable or unwilling to assemble your product design using canva (or your own program) this listing allows you to get help.


How it works:

✤ Before of after product purchase, you can email your designs/text to with detailed instructions on what aesthetic, layout and requirements you have for the product.

✤ I will get started creating a digital mock up that we can send back and forth, altering until you are happy with the result.

✤ Design work will be timed & this rate will be communicated & paid BEFORE creation commences.


❃ Questions via email are welcome if you need some advice on the design, this listing is just for MY design work.

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