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Do you want to close the circle of waste in your company while at the same time purchasing beautiful environmentally sustainable branding & promotion stationery for your business?




Zwartko is a South Australian based paper creation studio that provides you with:


100% Recycled Papermaking.

Tailored products to suit your individual needs.

Full printing & design service.

Our paper products come in a set range; of which size, shape & design are completely customizable. Colour & seed swatches have been included below, showcasing the level of personalization possible.


Should you require something unique, consult us as to your needs. Anything that you can imagine can be achieved!

Slight paper imperfections and uneven spacing is all part of a the wabi-sabi associated with a recycled paper product. If your looking for exact, perhaps this isn't the right product for you.

Scan 9.jpeg

Handmade Paper Specifics

Handmade Paper is textured on one side from the wire mold and flat pressed on the other against felt in the couching process. The mold side is the "back" and the flat pressed side the "front".

Depending on the needs of the stationery product there is a range of paper thickness available.

Business cards for example will range from 180-250GSM where as candle dusters will be more like 100-150GSM.

If you need something specific for your product please don't hesitate to ask.

All stationery products have guillotine cut edges as they are printed from a larger A2 Sheet.

Scan 3.jpeg
website swatch_edited_edited.png

Paper Swatches

Scan 9.jpeg

Thread Swatches

website thread swatches.png

printing guidelines

All stationery has the ability to be double or single side printed.

For double, only one side can have a full block print with details or colour right to the product edge.

The other side must have a 5mm bleed around the entire perimeter.

*This is due to the manual sheet loading process. Printing alignment is done by eye, using guidelines. The mm discrepancies that occur during the flipping process make lining up double blocks or close to border text almost impossible.


Every item is unique

Just like you and me!


Artwork can be sent to me before or after you place an order. Some customers prefer to work out the details before ordering by contacting me via the form; some are happy to order and go through the same process then.
1. You send me your artwork via email attachment to
2. The best quality image is key as the bumps & lumps of the handmade paper surface need a clear design.
*The format for this design is PNG or JPG. I also receive PDF, this is fine but not first choice.
3. Any & all information in this email regarding placement of logo's, size etc. is warmly welcomed.
4. I will respond via return email with a mock up of your item (back & front) with logo's on your particular chosen paper (digitally). We will go back and forth with changes until you are happy with the result.(Please don't be shy about making changes with me until you are perfectly happy as it is so much easier to make digital changes before templates are made and printed etc.)
5. You confirm that you don't wish to make any more changes and I make the digital templates or your items. These templates are everything; this determines where the designs are placed, cut and ultimately if things align correctly.
6. I will print an entire test sheet of your design's (to make sure the quality is good but also the templates correct) the items cut and a photo sent to your email of the finished product. The finished items beauty can never be fully appreciated via photo but if you are stoked with the result, in person you will be thrilled!
7. You confirm your happiness/un-happiness and we either go back to the template stage for changes or I will complete the order.

Template Process

Recycled Paper

Printing Procedure


Paper is fed by hand into the printer; crooked.

Paper is aligned by eye against guides.

Paper is pulled in and checked again for proper alignment.

The printer will accept or reject the page based on its alignment and square.

The design template for the first side is loaded into the printer and printed.


The paper is flipped on the long edge, re-loaded and aligned again.

The second side design is upside down and 4mm to the left to accommodate for the paper seating.

The paper is cut on the guidelines with a manual guillotine into individual products.

This is the first time the products front and back alignment is visible.

If not; the printing templates are altered and re-tried until correct.


Purchasing products plants trees with Ecologi

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